We are hiring

Planet3 is a Bangkok-based international performance marketing and e-commerce company with 8 figure annual turnover and which owns several leading online brands of physical and digital products. Our primary office is in Bangkok, where our core team of ~20 marketers work together.

We have a bottom-line-oriented management philosophy that celebrates taking ownership and seizing opportunities. Our lucrative bonus program allows Planet3 staff to share in the company’s profit.

Working at Planet3 means working with a small team (and often directly with top management) and operating on a huge scale with significant financial resources behind you.

To learn more about our company culture, you may optionally read our Team Handbook (for security reasons, this public version is not up-to-date and has had some deletions). 

Current job openings

  1. Media Buyer
  2. Senior eCommerce Expert – Experience Required
    (Multiple positions available)
  3. Senior Online Marketer
    (Multiple positions available)
  4. Senior Full-Stack WordPress Developer
  5. SAAS Product Manager & Growth Hacker
  6. Marketing intern
    (Multiple positions available; please email for more information)

To apply for an open position, email [email protected]