Senior Online Marketer

No degree is required. Please apply if you have experience in 5 or more of the following, and at least 3 years of general online marketing experience. For your application to be considered, you must tell us which you are familiar with and explain a bit about your experience with each.

Media buying
Email marketing
Facebook ads
Youtube marketing
Video production/editing
Product sourcing (Alibaba/China)
Managing a team

Other requirements are below. All are required:

You must hold yourself to a high standard
You must take pride in your work
You must be fluent in English
You must be looking for a stable, long-term role
You must be able to commute to Ekkamai, Bangkok to work in our office

We offer a flexible office schedule and a very fun, creative work environment.

If you do not have sufficient experience, feel free to apply anyway; we will keep you on file for when we are hiring more junior marketers.

Compensation: Base salary 1,000 to 3,000 USD monthly, depending on marketing experience, with an annual December bonus of between 0 and 100% of full-year salary (avg payment of ~30%; median payment of 20%; for clarity: a 30% bonus on a 3,000 USD monthly salary is an additional $10,800 paid in December (12months*$3k*30%).) Feel free to read more about our bonus program.

How to apply: Email [email protected]