Senior eCommerce Expert – Experience Required (Multiple Positions Available)

We are hiring multiple senior eCommerce experts. The exact role depends on your strengths and weaknesses but would include some of the following responsibilities (depending on which you will excel at):

– proactive trustpilot monitoring/online brand reputation management
– influencer marketing (IG, etc)
– organizing an excellent customer support team
– seo affiliate outreach/property management
– guerilla marketing/viral brand marketing

Again, the role will be designed around the individual. We are looking for people who already have experience in ecom and who feel they are capable of one or more of the above.

Additional requirements:

You must hold yourself to a high standard
You must take pride in your work
You must be a native English speaker.
You must be looking for a stable, long-term role.
You must be able to commute to Ekkamai, Bangkok most days to work in our office.

Compensation: Base salary 1,000 to 3,000 USD monthly, depending on ecommerce experience and seniority, with an annual December bonus of between 0 and 100% of full-year salary (avg payment of ~30%; median payment of 20%; for clarity: a 30% bonus on a 3,000 USD monthly salary is an additional $10,800 paid in December (12months*$3k*30%).) Feel free to read more about our bonus program.

How to apply: Email [email protected]