SAAS Product Manager & Growth Hacker

This individual in this role will essentially be a small business owner within our business, as we expand into SAAS, and will share in the upside of the success of their product while in a secure role at an established company (capped downside), and will have access to significant capital and an amazing marketing team as part of Planet3. 

The two co-founders of Planet3 have both previously built SAAS products. These have grown them to be worth (and earn) millions of dollars. Since starting our ecommerce business a couple of years ago, we have faced many challenges — which are shared by many other companies globally — which can be solved with simple SAAS products. This “scratch your own itch” approach, combined with our wealth of experience and resources, puts you in an excellent position to build a successful SAAS as a member of the Planet3 team.

The SAAS business in question has the potential to scale to an MRR of $100,000, and potentially much more.

You must be a hard-working, highly competent individual and be confident that you would excel in either the technical side or the marketing side of growing a SAAS product. You will be principally responsible for the product and thus will also serve as Product Manager for the SAAS.

Additional requirements:

You must hold yourself to a high standard
You must take pride in your work
You must be a native English speaker.
You must be looking for a stable, long-term role.
You must be able to commute to Ekkamai, Bangkok most days to work in our office.

Compensation: Base salary 1,000 to 3,000 USD monthly, depending on ecommerce experience and seniority, and a profitshare (negotiable) OR an annual December bonus of between 0 and 100% of full-year salary (avg payment of ~30%; median payment of 20%; for clarity: a 30% bonus on a 3,000 USD monthly salary is an additional $10,800 paid in December (12months*$3k*30%).). Feel free to read more about our bonus program.

How to apply: Email [email protected]