Performance Media Buyer

We are hiring a media buyer. Experience is not needed, but please keep in mind that the salary range specified is a large range as the salary offered will depend on your experience.

This role would be perfect for someone with media buying experience, but would also be a great opportunity for someone with a background in accounting or financial modeling who wants to transition into the marketing industry, due to the heavy use of spreadsheets and data.

The role requires you to take ownership over a number of existing performance marketing campaigns, and scale them into new geos (markets). You will also optimize these campaigns for increased profitability. You will work with a number of the largest display ad networks in the world, and will optimize campaigns in a highly manual fashion.

You will personally spend between 3,000 and 10,000 USD of company funds daily during the first year.

You must be:

Highly competent with Excel/Sheets
Comfortable handling data to identify correlations
Organized, detail-oriented/methodical
Good at maths (primarily arithmetic and statistics)
Passionate about advertising

Additional requirements:

You must hold yourself to a high standard.
You must take pride in your work.
You must speak English at a basic or better level. (Fluency is not required)
You must be looking for a stable, long-term role.
You must be able to commute to Ekkamai, Bangkok most days to work in our office.

Basic graphic design or web development skills are not required but would allow you to assist in display ad creative development and landing page creation.

Previous media buying experience (such as Google or Facebook ads management) is not required but would make for an excellent candidate.

Compensation: Base salary 1,500 to 3,000 USD monthly, depending on media buying experience and seniority, and an annual December bonus of between 0 and 100% of full-year salary (avg payment of ~30%; median payment of 20%; for clarity: a 30% bonus on a 3,000 USD monthly salary is an additional $10,800 paid in December (12months*$3k*30%).). Feel free to read more about our bonus program.

Benefits: Extremely competitive paid leave, vacation allotment, a $40/month stipend for health insurance coverage, and partial work-from-home.

How to apply: Email [email protected]

About Planet3

Planet3 is a Bangkok-based international performance marketing and e-commerce company with 8 figure annual turnover and which owns several leading online brands of physical and digital products. Our primary office is in Bangkok, where our core team of ~20 marketers work together in an exciting, internationally diverse, and multilingual environment.

We have a bottom-line-oriented management philosophy that celebrates taking ownership and seizing opportunities. Our lucrative bonus program allows Planet3 staff to share in the company’s profit.

Working at Planet3 means working with a small team (and often directly with top management) and operating on a huge scale with significant financial resources behind you.

To learn more about our company culture, you may optionally read our Team Handbook.

Links to the Team Handbook and the Bonus Program are available at /work